Working Weekly

Hello all,
The connections that WyzAnt made for me this last week are in progress. I'm looking at my schedule for the next four weeks and worksheets, plans, and organizing are an important part of my life as well as the students. Wanting them to be long-term relationships, I have been deciding when, how much, and on what I will invest. After talking to a parent earlier today to set up a session, I almost went to the drugstore to buy a poster board. I was going to prepare an elaborate math table on it for the student and bring it to our first meeting. Yet, I had second thoughts that reminded me I should wait and see what she already has. Anyway, her grandfather and I discussed getting materials from the library. It will be wonderful to take a look at her effort of the present and see where our strategies and planned sessions take us. If we can scrounge around and find effective tools, then we can save some money for more things. If we can find some sales in the stores, then great! Prioritizing enters my scheme of things now. I'm about to pack a nylon shoulder bag with pens, pencils, art erasers (they don't leave smudges), and other sundry items. I have to soon invest in a scientific notations calculator so that the logs keep my firm hold on building principles steady.

Have a wonderful weekend!
Miss Carol

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