I am a certified Mandarin teacher now

On June the Fourth, I received an email from the Teachers’ Credentialing, which informed me that my application for a preliminary single subject teaching credential in Mandarin as an applicant prepared outside of the United Sates was granted and my name is listed on the website of Commission on Teacher Credentialing.

I was so relieved and excited, “My efforts are finally paid off.” I know with this certification, my career as a Mandarin teacher in America has started.

I came to America at the end of 2009. Being a language teacher in China for over ten years, I have always been a Chinese language teacher since I moved to San Diego. But things are always not as easy as it sounds. I had to find odd jobs to make my ends meet at the very beginning. I could not drive and I could not afford to buy a card, so I had to work in a Chinese restaurant next to my house and a retail store nearby within walking distance. It was only on the weekends that I could get to teach. After nearly one year of hard work, I got to save enough money to have all my qualification and certificate earned in China and the Great Brain evaluated by a recognized agency here. It took me months to prepare those documents.

First I had to read all the requirements posted on Commission on Teacher Credentialing. After feeling assured that I could apply for the teaching credential as an individual prepared outside of the USA, I started to collect all the papers. For documents I didn’t have, I had to contact the institutions where I studied and worked in China and the UK. For the foreign transcript evaluation, I had to choose a right agency. It took me several weeks to shop with different agencies before I made a decision which one to go to. There were so many details to attend to and because my budget was tight, I had to negotiate with people through emails and phones.

In May, when I sent all of my documents which have been carefully prepared to Commission on Teacher Credentialing in Sacramento, I was praying, “God, help me, please, to make my dream come true.”

God answered my prayers indeed--I am now a certified Mandarin teacher in California. Thinking of my future as a teacher of Mandarin--one of the most beautiful language in the world, it is really hard for me to hide my happiness and excitement.




Weixia H.

Waysha, the Mandarin Tutor

200+ hours
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