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Over 11 years of tutoring for "No Child Left Behind" and continue to move at a fast learning style, using highly educational tools, early reading, workbooks, testing, math, algebra, geometry, writing, essay perfection all while incorporating my personal experience as a teacher, to create the environment for academic success. I teach Language Arts, vocabulary, reading, comprehension, testing, study skills and an extensive procedure for follow-up on every student. I bring all the tools, books, quiz printouts and a box of creative ideas designed for each student. I am very present for the "needs," of each of my students to make a difference in their academic education. My personality lights a path for education to become a personal trait for all of my students and encouraging them always to be the best they can be. It works! I determine the level of Language Arts, comprehension, all Math, algebra and geometry following the State guidelines, testing, grammar, essay and writing techniques, this teaching technique is significant including the ability to raise a grade level of every student.

Math is to secure a clearer understanding of the basic rules while teaching students to use problem solving while stimulating their personal abilities with success. This is a one-on-one process is the path to "Successful Student Accomplishments."

Published Book in The library of Congress, Washington D.C. 1990, “The Transformation of a Mother With Children." Barbara B.

Title: To get what you want, sometimes you have to push for it: A seven-step program for women with children.

Chicago Music Conservatory, Roosevelt University US, Illinois-Chicago

Complete Musical Training including classical piano, writing, vocal training, production, and professional performances to include musical theater. . Performances in Theater Arts continued for over 20 years as a lead performer, director and creative producer. Producer, Creator for local cable TV. Los Angeles, San Jose, California. This Education, documentary, Psychology and on-going creation for all interns’ ability to work in a television setting was seen consecutively each week.

Musical Theater Chicago, Illinois, Musicology Studies for Special Needs and Learning.

Piano, Chicago Illinois

Voice and performance, Chicago Illinois and Michigan



Barbara B.

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