About Me

My first experience with teaching was with a fifth grader looking for a viola instructor. My high school orchestra director gave her my name because all of the professionals were full and I was looking for some extra work. What happened became an immediate love of teaching and set in motion what would eventually lead to my seeking a Music Education degree from Ball State University.

No matter what had gone wrong that day for me, it always made me happy to work with my fifth grade student. I would be excited at the slightest show of progress. I later put my name on the high school's tutor list, which brought me more students if different areas. One of my favorites being mathematics. Although I loved my higher level mathematics courses to challenge me, trying to explain the difference between volume and area to a struggling sixth grader took all of my ingenuity. I once wondered if teaching the same thing every year wouldn't start to bore me. What I learned was that no matter what subject I am helping someone learn, each student is different, and learning how to teach them is far from boring!


Angela L.

Music, Math, English, and Science

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