¡Hola, estudiantes del futuro! Hello, future students!

I wanted to tell you that I just spoke with a girl that I tutored. She became friends with my daughter this summer in gym class and then the girl ended up at our neighborhood courtyard picnic. We both said, "You look familiar!" Anyway, we figured out the connection. I asked her how she did on her final exam in high school. She told that she got a B and was really happy with that. I think that she was in Spanish 2. It's great to hear students' success stories.

I am also tutoring another boy currently and he said that he got a B- on his Spanish 1 final exam. His parents are thrilled and so is he! He averages D's and F's on his Spanish exams.

Have a great summer and I hope to hear from you soon whether you need tutoring in Spanish, ESL, English, cooking or public speaking.


Melanie H.

Spanish and ESL Tutor

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