Why We Need Billing Info On File

This does not relate to a specific subject, but I wanted to write a blog to students and tutors about why having billing info on file is important. Sometimes it is frustrated that a student inquires and is interested in talking yet they still refuse to enter billing info.

To the students/parents:

WyzAnt will never bill until either you buy a package or you have a session. However, without your info entered we can not give you our contact info. We would like to help you as soon as possible which is why it's beneficial to enter that billing info right away, so we can get on the phone and set something up before there is no time to study for that test or complete that project.

To my fellow tutors:

As WyzAnt tutors, we have agreed not to give contact info in any form until their billing info is entered. If you try covertly to circumvent WyzAnt you will lose your account and the more active tutors we have the more students can be serviced. WyzAnt is a great service and let's keep it that way!



Evan W.

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