Math Tutoring

I made it through high school math without much of a problem. I understand that people have trouble understanding some concepts of mathematics, however, especially when the teaching goes from numbers only into adding variables and imaginary numbers. While it was easier for me to understand these concepts, I am also good at helping others understand them as well. The main key is to find a way to relate math to something that you enjoy doing. While a public setting with teachers is the most financially sound way to to teach our youth in a public school, the easiest way to transform what you hear in the classroom into long term memory so that you can build on earlier material is to practice, and that can only happen once you can completely understand what you are doing. I am here to help as you try to expand your horizons and as you have trouble in many different subjects. Hope this helped you!


David D.

Wide range- Math, science, sports, etc.

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