New Text Books

TOBIRA for advanced high-school and college students and MIEKO-SAN NO NIHONGO for very young students are added to my repertoires. TOBIRA is an intensive text book, therefore, some students have difficulties getting used to it. I have designed supplemental lessons and exercises to improve students' understanding Japanese with TOBIRA. My power point presentations and one-on-one lessons can help students, using TOBIRA, in fast and intensive Japanese classes at school. If you are a TOBIRA student and need help, please contact me before it's too late.

MIEKO-SAN NO NIHONGO is a good and easy to learn text book for very young new students, however, it does not come with fun materials such as pictures and activities. I have designed supplemental lessons and materials to make lessons more interesting. If you have a very young student (K-5) who is new to Japanese, please contact me. I can make Japanese lessons his/her favorite subject.


Izumi C.

Knowledgeable and experienced native Japanese Teacher

200+ hours
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