TV dramas for Japanese language learners

For Japanese learners, I want to recommend TV dramas and movies from Japan; however, it's very hard to select a program for lessons. AIBO or Partners is recommended for advanced adult students. Q.E.D. is cute and good for middle and high school students. Both protagonists speak beautiful standard Japanese. Their Japanese sounds great and intelligent. Mr. Ukyo Sugishita, an unusually sensitive and talented detective, has superb vocabulary which is also good for Japanese learners. There is nothing wrong with local accents and slang but they are distracting for foreigners. In my opinion, the concept of Globalization and Internationalization should include the usage of standard Japanese. Be thoughtful, please.



Would you happen to know where I could find Japanese dramas with Japanese subtitles? I feel that watching something with the spoken language's subtitles is actually more helpful for building vocabulary than it is to watch it with English subtitles. It has definitely helped me and others with Portuguese and I figure it will do the same with Japanese!

Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!


Izumi C.

Knowledgeable and experienced native Japanese Teacher

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