My lessons are fun

My lessons are fun. I use Japanese TV dramas, anime, and magazines to design lessons. If you want to see sample lessons, please contact me. I will send a sample lesson in Power Point format to you. Lessons must be fun. When you are motivated, you can learn anything quickly.


Izumi-sensei, I completely agree with you! With a language as intense as Japanese it is very important to make the learning as engaging as possible. We created skits both in my high school and college classes and watched movies or series together such as Water Boys, Shall We Dance?, and Nodame Cantible. When I finally had my own students at sumemr camp this summer, I liked to use music that was both upbeat and contained clear pronunciation.
Does your offer to send a sample power point lesson still stand? I would like to improve as much as possible, especially since Japanese is not a widely learned language here where I live.
Yoroshiku onegai itashimasu,


Izumi C.

Knowledgeable and experienced native Japanese Teacher

200+ hours
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