Vocabulary Acqusition Techniques

Vocabulary Acquisition Techniques

Vocabulary acquisition is the basis for learning any language. Most education professionals agree that learners of any language acquire new vocabulary in one of two ways:

1. Incidentally, through conscious or unconscious use of context clues in novel texts, or listening activities

2. Explicitly, through direct instruction or studying

Here are a few vocabulary acquisition techniques that you can conquer yourself through independent studying.

1. Repetition, repetition, repetition! When you learn a new word, you should repeat it as often as necessary. Constant exposure to new or difficult words helps us acquire them more quickly. Make flashcards, or post the new word on the fridge or bathroom mirror - anyplace you frequent.

2. Keep a vocabulary log. Write down the new word, and the context in which you first saw or heard it utilized. Then, use it in a new sentence. If you are a more visual learner, draw a picture of what that word looks like to you. In order to make the vocabulary meaningful, you must relate to it in a personal way.

3. Read independently. Exposure to even simple text on billboards or in advertisements, or even food labels can increase our vocabulary at a rapid rate. Go to the library and read a children´s book in the target language. (And get this - the library is FREE!)

For more tips and advice on vocabulary acquisition, feel free to contact me via my profile here on WyzAnt!

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