From Scuba Diving to Spanish

Many of my students know that I am an avid scuba diver. One important byproduct of that is the intense use of math and science especially chemistry and physics that we have to use in diving. From a very early age, I have had a great ability in mathematics and the sciences. Chemistry was a strong point for me in high school and I excelled in Advanced Chemistry and Organic Chemistry. Today I work in the alternative energy vehicle industry. Therefore, math and science still holds a great deal of importance in my work.

Many instructors work full-time in teaching. I find that my background as a part-time instructor and full-time manager in sales, marketing and development leads to a wider perspective of knowledge that I bring to the table. I am best known for being Oklahoma's top foreign language instructor. Oddly enough, teaching comes very easy to me and I find it less stressful than my day job. Developing the next generation vehicle that everyone in America will be driving is a lot to handle compared to helping someone get that light bulb turned on.

I am really passionate about teaching, its like gardening for me. Planting the seeds of knowledge, and seeing my students grow in their own lives to the greater possibilities.

Teodor M.

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