Exciting New Grammar Book

A great new grammar book, "The Essentials of English Grammar in 90 Minutes" by Prof. Robert Hollander [Dover, $4.95] bridges the gap between basic grammar books (for both children and adults) and higher-level books such as the recommended "Essential English Grammar" by Philip Gucker, also from Dover Publications. This grammar book has almost no quizzes or charts, etc. but will give you an over-all picture of not only basic, but higher level grammar. Please see my Amazon Review of this nice little addition to the grammar teacher's and learner's bookshelf.


As these books are in read-only format, they may be purchased online at Amazon? May we also buy these books as hard copies at
Thanks for this recommendation!
Hello Jennifer,
Yes, all the Grammar & Writing books I recommend are available as real books, and at fine booksellers everywhere! As many of them are Workbooks or else offer quizzes, A student would need to write in them.Thanks for your question and there will be an updated English Learning Materials very soon.
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