Tutor Policies

- All sessions are billed in 5-minute increments.
- All sessions will be charged beginning at the scheduled start time, unless I am late, in which case, the session time will begin when I arrive and charges will be assessed accordingly.
- If a session goes past the scheduled end time, you will be charged until the session is complete, in 5 minute increments. If you need a session to end “on time,” simply let me know when scheduling.
- If I choose to end a session early, for example, because we covered all the necessary material—or any similar event—then I will charge you for only the actual duration of the session, in 5-minute increments.
- If you choose to end a session early, for any reason, you will be charged for the full scheduled session.

Cancellations -
Please call at least 2 hours before a session to delay or cancel the session.
If 2 hours notice is not given, an hour session will be charged for cancellation.


Misty N.

Board Certified Teacher

400+ hours
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