How to make your first tutor contact

I have sometimes received inquiries about my tutoring work, with very limited information about the intended student, their current status and needs. If you are going to request information from a tutor or ask about their availability, I would suggest you write a thorough note and include this kind of information in it:

* the student's first name, age, school level or working status (job title), and city or neighborhood
* a brief statement of the student's current need and difficulty (for example, "I'm having trouble writing emails in my office")
* the student's availability- days and times (for example, "an hour a week after 2 PM" or "Monday evenings")
* an estimate of the total time you are considering (for example, "this school year", or "up to Christmas")
* when you plan to begin (for example, "starting in June")
* where you would like to meet- at home, in the office, or somewhere else

The more information you can give at first, the better a potential tutor can decide if he or she is suitable to accept this kind of tutoring- he might be too busy, or not available in the evening. It will save you time in emailing back and forth until the potential tutor can tell you if he is prepared to meet you or talk to you on the phone about your tutoring request. Being open at the beginning will help you begin a successful tutoring relationship faster.


Emily S.

Retired English Teacher for Adults

2500+ hours
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