Professional Fees

Every tutor at WyzAnt sets his/her own fee for services, and every client choosing a tutor must decide how much he is willing to spend on education for himself or his/her child. The setting of fees involves many factors, including the local economy, competition, personal needs, and a view of professional value based on the skills offered. Clients determine how much they are willing to spend based on their budget, value for money, and comparative worth of a tutor’s qualifications. Unfortunately, sometimes these two perceptions don’t match.

As a former college and corporate instructor, I know that teachers in an education system earn far more than they can ever charge in a private market, except under unusual circumstances. My former colleagues shake their head at my relatively low fees, unaware of the nature of the tutoring market. If you are leaving full-time employment and taking up tutoring for any reason, expect to earn less money. You will now be self-employed, will cover your own taxes and business expenses, and may drive to numerous locations to meet your students. Don’t expect tutoring to be a money-maker; rather, it is a way to give back, to share your skills, to remain active, to interact with a variety of students, to balance your home life, whether with family or as a semi-retired worker. Yet you are providing a professional service; don’t belittle that skill.

For potential clients seeking a tutor, look at the range of fees charged by tutors in your area. Consider why some charge less than others, look at the various qualifications, and interview potential tutors if you wish to make a wise choice. But please don’t expect the first meeting to be free, unless you have made specific arrangements with the tutor beforehand. For a tutor to arrange to meet with you, he/she has taken time from his/her schedule and been diligent in approaching you to present his qualifications and assess your situation. Keep in mind that gardeners, carpet cleaners, manicurists, or dental hygienists may charge as much as tutors in your area, and one assumes they have no more skills than a teacher. Besides, an education, especially for your child, is much more serious than most other personal services, and you should expect to compensate a tutor accordingly. Save money on your area rug, but please don’t plan to bargain with your education.


Emily S.

Retired English Teacher for Adults

2500+ hours
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