The True Value of Education

A student told me recently that she was only the third person in her family who ever went to college. She has recently finished her B.A. and will soon start an M.A. program, at the age of 50. I told her how proud I was of her achievement and perseverance. But what most impressed me was her answer when I asked, so what do you feel has changed about you now that you have been to college. She answered, now I know I shouldn't waste my time on meaningless activities, like watching silly TV shows. I know that reading is much more interesting and stimulating, and I even enjoy doing the research required to prepare my school writing assignments. If there was ever a reason to be educated, this is it. Education means you know better than to waste your mind and your life on empty pursuits, and you might even decide that tutoring to improve your skills or knowledge, to have better career options, is something worthwhile. This kind of new awareness in a student is what makes me want to be a tutor.


Emily S.

Retired English Teacher for Adults

2500+ hours
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