Keep Learning Fresh this Summer

Here are 3 tips to keep your brain working this summer and to keep your learning FRESH!

1. Keep reading! Read novels, short stories, magazine and newspaper articles, comic books, picture books, what ever you find interesting!
2. Keep writing! Write about all of the fun things you have done and will do this summer. Write stories, letters, poems, articles, keep a summer journal, you name it, just keep writing!
3. Search for fun ways to connect what you learned last school year, to all of the fun activities you are doing this summer! Visit some of the wonderful museums that Dallas and its suburbs have to offer. For 7th graders entering 8th grade this year, you will be learning about the Holocaust, and the Dallas Holocaust museum is fantastic! It has a wonderful collection of authentic items, and often has guest speakers who were affected by the Holocaust. Kiddos who are going into 4th grade, I bet you learned the difference between a good and a service! Next time you are riding in the car, try to see if you can tell your mom or dad if the businesses you pass sell goods or services.

Mom and Dad, these strategies work wonderfully with children who excel and are interested in the topics and with children who may have had a little bit of trouble. Either way, it gets your child's brain working, and helps them internalize and relate what they have already learned!

These are just a few suggestions, feel free to contact me for more!


Megan F.

Certified English/Language Art/Reading and ESL teacher-Summer Tutoring

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