Se Habla Espanol

I discovered I wanted to be a Spanish instructor about 15 years ago. I was raised in Mexico City knowing the culture of Latin America, and I realized that I could use to teach and educate people about how to learn to speak Spanish as well as teaching them about the culture.

During these 15 years I have been learning how the mind of a "non-spanish speaking person" thinks. I can relate to their mind set and help them develop techniques to study, learn, and practice the Spanish Language; I also recommend all my students to always read 'aloud' so they can hear themselves, and get used to the construction of phrases as they spell the words and try different combinations of letters that would not be common in the English language, or some other languages.  Also, by 'looking at' the words, they familiarize with the spelling, phrase construction, punctuation, and especially, the accents! This last detail is a very important factor, since some words would have a different meaning, depending on the position of the accent or the lack of it.

I really hope you get excited about learning Spanish and contact me to help you develop the art of foreign languages and cultures.


Lourdes L.

Let's discover the world...

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