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Mid Winter - Teaching Guitar, Banjo and Portuguese

I have been having a blast playing 4 days a week at Hacienda del Sol in Tucson, Arizona. I am paying my bills singing and playing and I am meeting new prospective students as well. Last night I played for a guy who wants to study new and somewhat new country like Vince Gil and Toby Keith with me. I also sang my songs for 4 people who had seen the YouTube videos of me performing in Germany during the fall European tour.

It makes my night when folks come in loving the music already and requesting my songs.

I am teaching banjo, guitar and Portuguese this winter. I have one student on Skype and do some teaching at home and some at the house of the students. I find I love to see the progress that everyone is making and it is a joy to share knowledge in different areas.

Keep up the learning folks!