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"Best Little Tutor In Texas" Completes Another MBA Business Statistics Course

Ken B. in Houston, TX, known as "The Best Little Tutor In Texas" has completed yet another successful working relationship with a student taking an MBA statistic's course thru DeVry University. This level of statistics requites a copious degree of meticulousness to thoroughly work thru the problems. There is "no" room for error with the calculated and non-calculated results required in order to answer the problem(s) correctly. This particular student had 8 weeks of statistics but started to falter severely around week 4. Ken had to work hard to not only help him stay on top of current items being learned but also to be able to go back and learn previous concepts. Ken is proud to say that when he and his student took the final exam yesterday(3 hrs and 50 questions) that his student did extremely well and will probably receive at least an 85 on the final exam grade. This puts him in excellent position for successfully passing this advanced level of statistic's class.



My name is Talia D. I started an MBA program in August. I really need help with Financial Statements and Economics. This is a new area for me. Do you think you could help? And do you have anything available this week?

Thank you