Major New MBA Statistics Decision Making Tutoring Project

I am fortunate to get another new job which requires using statistics and probability in an MBA program for what is referred to as "Business Decision Analysis". The difference between undergraduate statistics and graduate statistics is that undergrads learn and do a lot of the basic mechanics of statistics and probability, while graduates are assumed to know how to do that and are taught how to go further and use decision making tools to analyze and make major decisions based on all they calculated. It can be difficult and time consuming for the graduate students to do this nevertheless this is what they learn and do. My new student is doing just that and I will be assisting him in how to analyze and make these business decisions. This special new project will last about 4 or 5 weeks and it is forecasted that with what needs to be done, the time requirement will be perhaps ~20/week. All travel and time expenses are included. So...I will be very busy during the Xmas holiday. Ken "Best Little Tutor In Texas"



Ken B.


1250+ hours
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