ACT this Saturday

This week I am wrapping up ACT prep for two students who are taking the ACT for the first time this Saturday. It's an exciting time for me; I feel good about how well-prepared they are, and anxious to see their results in a few weeks. These two students happen to be in Florida; I tutor them online via Skype and an interactive whiteboard. I have tutored one-on-one in person, too, and I would love to have some local hybrid students, to meet in person and do some of our tutoring using technology. Anyway, I have my last lesson this evening with the most thorough student I have ever had. He has taken at least 8 practice tests over the past 3 month! I am so impressed with his commitment. His scores have been consistently, but slowly, improving. I like ACT prep tutoring because I get to teach 4 different subjects, but I think my students are most impressed with my help on English and reading-- I am a vigorous vocabulary-promoter!


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