Additional Professional Recommendations Received by Abnel

Welcome to my WyzAnt Blog! In this post I am sharing additional feedback received by professionals with whom I worked in the past.

“Working with Mr. Rodriguez was quite enjoyable. He was professional at all times and his work with the students was unmatched at the time by anyone else here. His knowledge was reflected in how the students embraced him. He was here every day even when the students were not. I highly recommend Mr. Rodriguez because he embodies what an Instructor should be.”

-- February 18, 2011

Christopher J., Help Desk Supervisor, Remington College

“Abnel is a talented teacher who is willing to give his time and expertise freely to his Students and fellow Instructors. When I started at Remington, Abnel graciously showed me how to take full advantage of the teaching tools available at the college. He saved me many hours of potentially frustrating work. He is very enthusiastic, energetic, and organized in everything he does. I miss his passion around the school.”

-- November 14, 2010

Greg H., Instructor, Remington College

“Mr. Rodriguez was my best degree teacher...perfect attendance, on-time, and diligence to the administrative duties of an instructor....large class or small did not matter to him..."

-- November 9, 2010

Walter M., Director of Education, Remington College

“I have worked with Abnel Rodriguez for over three years here at Remington College. He puts his all into his teaching, making sure students understand the concepts; many times being available for tutoring well before and after class. He has obtained several Microsoft certifications to improve his understanding and teaching. He will always help other instructors, frequently about technology.”

-- November 8, 2010

Laurie G., Information Resource Center Coordinator, Remington College

“I have worked closely with Abnel at Remington College giving presentations in Abnel's classes concerning Career Development. I have always found Abnel to be very organized, prepared and passionate in dealing with his students. Abnel's students are very engaging and come prepared to my presentations.”

-- November 8, 2010

Mike M., Job Development Specialist, Remington College

“Although I no longer work with Mr. Rodriguez, I will always remember him as an instructor that went above and beyond for his students and the school. He put forth the extra effort to get referrals from his students to bring in prospective candidates to attend Remington College. He was also always on top of things if a student did not attend for several days.”

-- October 20, 2010

Lisa A., Registrar, Remington College


Abnel R.

Bilingual Educator and Computer Instructor

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