A Very Special Offer for New Wyzant Clients

From now until November 30th, I am promoting a very special offer. New clients will be able to book sessions with me at an hourly rate of $30.00 (lowered from my current $45.00 hourly rate). The purpose is to attract new customers, enable them to experience how I operate as an instructor, and allow them to gauge their comfort levels with both my teaching style and me. However, the offer becomes more attractive: Clients who schedule lessons with me during the aforementioned time frame have the option of locking in this rate for future sessions!

I anticipate that slots will fill quickly, so please do not delay in reserving a space. If there are any questions, then please do not hesitate to e-mail me directly.

Remember, to receive this special deal, sessions must be booked before November 30th.

I hope to hear from and, more so, work with you!


Corey D.

Experienced Math and Science Specialist Ready to Assist You!

1250+ hours
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