Educating Austin One Student at a Time

As part of the WyzAnt community, I am honored to serve Austin's students. The students take their education rather seriously and want to receive maximum benefits from it. Their dedication to success, tenacity in their studies, and willingness to work hard greatly pleases me and drives me to provide the best possible instruction to aid in their endeavors. I always attempt to demystify the complexities of students' lesson materials but simultaneously keep them challenging and interesting. Furthermore, I push them to put forth the best possible effort, to think outside of the box, and discover their true capabilities by asking questions along the way; by the same token, I encourage them to ask me questions. This enables me to determine how to tailor my teaching styles to best suit their learning styles; moreover, it enables them to learn from and about me; I also learn from and about them. Most importantly, my detailed explanations and reviews during subsequent lessons make a difference in how much and how well students learn; what they learn, or fail to learn, could very well matter for the remainder of their academic careers. Helping students realize their full potential is part of my job as an educator; seeing them reach it confirms that I do it well and gives me a tremendous sensation. I have been given so much academically over the years; I now share my knowledge with others and grant them usable skills both inside the classroom and in their daily lives. After all, education is both a continuous process and a ceaselessly giving gift. To paraphrase a quote from former Harvard president Derek Bok: "Education carries great costs, but ignorance carries far greater costs."


Corey D.

Experienced Math and Science Specialist Ready to Assist You!

1250+ hours
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