Siblings as Free Tutors

Psssst....parents, you have access to a free tutor and you don't even know it! As a tutor always on the lookout for more business, I am not sure I should give away this highly confidential secret, but here goes. You know your son in Prealgebra who needs my help because he recently started getting Ds on his tests? And you know your other son, the one in Algebra II that needed tutoring to prep for finals last semester? You may not be aware of this, but son #2 knows most of the material giving son #1 problems. Not only does son #2 have the ability to help the younger one, he would also greatly benefit from working with his dear sibling. He would stay on top of the review material he tends to relegate to the far reaches of his mind and start understanding the concepts he knows on a deeper level that relies less on memorization. Now, let's not get carried away. I am not saying that my professional services are unnecessary for either one of them - I have a lot of expertise and experience that I bring to my sessions with both. Furthermore, I know that sibling cooperation is not always on the radar (I have a sister of my own!). But, between sessions, siblings can be a valuable resource to each other. It amazes me when a student leaves her homework blank because she did not understand how to solve 2-step equations when she has multiple siblings in more advanced classes that could easily show her how to think through some of the problems. Parents often feel that Algebra is a foreign language from long ago and don't realize that they have live people under their roof that are proficient in it! So, next time your student is stuck, try calling in the reinforcements.

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