Factors Leading to My Decision to Become an Educator - A Reverie in Israel

My cushioned chaise nestles me as I watch foamy crescents roll in and then recede from a powdery shoreline. I gaze at an ink sky, opaque, save for a handprint of cloud and a smattering of stars. The moon is gossamer, the breeze is gentle.

I listen. The Israeli strings are soft, seductive. The audio backdrop is a melee of Middle Eastern rhythms and notes, the music of many languages as they dance and dip into one another. Hebrew, Arabic, French, Russian, English---too many to mention---they are beautiful. I lean my head back; I close my eyes in reverie. I am inspired. The lively sounds, the varied modes of expression, of communication, they are spectacular. I feel blessed to know enough to be an active participant in the exchange.

My first night in Israel, I find myself in a conversational melting pot. One woman speaks Hebrew and Russian. Her husband speaks Russian and French. I converse in French and English. A fourth man is fluent in English, French, Hebrew and Italian. We are all talking---animatedly---switching languages, helping one another to convey ideas, correcting each other with the shared spirit of our love of languages.

Before my children were born, I was a French Interpreter for Braniff International Airlines. It was a wonderful career and I learned many things. In my heart though, I have always been a teacher. I revel in the delivery of the lesson. I cheer when a new skill is mastered. I am gratified when I find that I have helped someone to grasp a previously incomprehensible concept.

I have been teaching in various capacities for many years. I have done volunteer work at local schools and I have worked for ten years as a Cobb County Substitute and Supply Teacher. I also offer my services as a private tutor in English and French in the Atlanta area.

Substitute teaching was a perfect alternative for me when my children were young. It afforded me the rewards associated with being an educator along with the appropriate time frame to be available for my children. My two children are grown now, and they are following their respective dreams.

Now it is time for me to pursue my dream, which involves tutoring English and/or French. I look forward to helping your children become the best that they can be in either of these subjects.

Thank you for reading my me anytime!


Kathleen R.

French/English Tutor avec la "Joie de Vivre!"

10+ hours
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