My Passion for Math

Hello All,

Seeing as this is my first blog post, I will write about what I know best - math. I have a strong passion and thirst for math and it isn't because I am a bioengineer and/or that I come from a long line of engineers. It's the idea that math surrounds us and that we utilize it as a tool everyday without the slightest realization that it is right at our finger tips. From counting dollar bills, collecting authentic coins, cooking meals and to building skyscrapers (although others might just argue that's pure engineering ingenuity), math is everywhere!

Well, I don't want to write a lengthy blog, especially that this is your first impression of me. I promise in my future posts I will make the topics much more interesting and fun. You see when your mother tells you to eat your broccoli, it's almost near to impossible and in your mind your like this cannot be done. However, eventually you find ways to eat that silly little tree-like shrub (laughter...hahaha) by dipping it in a queso dip or soy sauce to give it flavor.

Well, what does that have to do with math? It has everything to do with math. The first time you look at an algebra problem and it asks you to solve for the variable x, you are immediately daunted by the arrangement of the equation and you just want to run away scared. However, if you look at a few examples, follow through with them, ask a few questions along the way to your teacher or friend, and finally do a problem on your own - it isn't that bad!

So, math is a skill to improve and hone it, you have to practice to improve that skill so one day you can be the one in my place tutoring others by using those strong analytic skills that you have built. The only exception though: you will probably be writing a better blog than I am :)



Hassan M.

Experienced Math & Science Tutor - A Student's Success Is Vital!

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