Get a Chicago Public Library Card.

If you don't already have a Chicago Public Library card, I would HIGHLY recommend getting one to help you with your study skills.  It is the best deal in town.  And it is FREE!

If you live in the City of Chicago, all you need is something with your name and Chicago address on it and a photo ID.  Many of my students get a letter from their school that provides proof of residency in Chicago and then they use one of their photo IDs (a passport photo, a driver's license, etc.).  You can get a library card at any one of the 77 branch libraries in Chicago or at the Harold Washington Library Center in downtown Chicago (located at State and Van Buren Streets).

And what can you do with your library card?  Well, besides borrowing books, you can also borrow CDs, DVDs, and many other useful study materials.  You can use library computers (and printers) for free.  You can even get free museum passes with your library card.  Many of my students use their library cards to do online research or download movies and music (for free) from the library website, which is located at

Get a Chicago Public Library card and watch your study skills improve!

See you in the stacks.



David C.

ESL Teacher in Chicago

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