Taking Notes in a Challenging Class

Have you ever been in class and just can't seem to understand what the teacher is talking about? The content seems so abstract to you that you don't even know how to take notes for this.

Most of us have been in that situation. However, what we sometimes fail to realize is that we can still be productive learners even though it sounds like the teacher is speaking Martian!

I'm going to try to outline what happens to most of us and what we can do differently to improve our success in that challenging course.

When we don't understand the subject, our mind wants to withdraw and avoid this difficult situation. This actually happens even in our personal lives. In class, the student tends to start doodling, texting, staring confoundedly at the teacher, and sometimes even falling asleep while sitting up holding our pen to the paper! We are doing just about everything we can at our desk, except for TAKING NOTES.

Now you are probably asking, "How can I take notes on something I don't even understand?!" Here is what you do. Since your teacher may be talking faster than you can write, only write down KEY STATEMENTS and DIAGRAMS. Even though you don't understand, listen intently for the words and write them down. When the teacher is answering questions from students, listen with a gentle ear, but mostly, take that time to complete your most recent note with questions that you may have AND things that will help you remember the concept.

Once you have what you DON'T understand written down, you now have the capability to go and clear this up with the teacher or your tutor after class. This is the MOST BENEFICIAL thing you can do to succeed in most any difficult class! If you need help in doing this, send me an email and I'll be happy to help you out.

Happy Learning!


Yvonne H.

Translating Math to everyday English

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