Attention: Upcoming Nursing Graduates!!

Hello upcoming nursing school spring graduates!! I know parents, family members, and numerous other loved ones are very excited for this special graduation day from nursing school-I was experiencing that awhile years back at the U of M. Yes, I was excited for no longer having to write another care plan and being done with clinical experiences and looking forward to making them part of my everyday life as a career, rather than part of a school requirement. But, one thing I realized those family members that were not nurses didn't understand was that although graduating from nursing school was a huge accomplishment with hard work, long hours, endless studying--and I could go on. But, I do remember that I didn't really feel like graduation would mean as much until I passed the NCLEX--that was when the celebration, for me at least, could begin!

I've been working with recent nursing students pass their NCLEX over the winter months with great success-and look forward to meeting the newest batch of nursing school grads who are excited and passionate about moving forward in their nursing careers! We move at your pace, we assess together areas of most need, while still covering all areas so you can pass the hurdle of the NCLEX and get on to your biggest dream...becoming a registered nurse and making a difference in the lives around you! I tutor individually 1-2 times/week per student or do group sessions of 2-4 students at a discounted rate, 1-2 times a week as well. I'm greatly confident in your ability at gaining the confidence to pass the NCLEX because it's what I've witnessed in every single nursing student I've tutored thus far-the compassion, dedication, motivation, and ultimately, love for this profession!

One big thing I realize is while the NCLEX is a major goal for many, there are still other things going on in one's life-family, jobs, etc. I also work part-time as an ICU nurse and am a wife to a wonderful, supportive husband, have a kindergarten son with an endless love for life and the world around him, and a spirited, loving 2-year-old daughter who keeps me on my toes! I'm extremely down-to-earth and easy to communicate with! I would love to help you set up a prep plan for studying for the NCLEX! I look forward to hearing from you!

Best of luck and have a great day!


Jessica, you do realize that the Joint Commission NEVER required nursing care plans.  Having researched this many years ago, when I was Associate Director, Standards & Interpretation @ TJC, I published in Nursing Management a discussion of the genesis of the Nursing Care Plan. It was invented by Lucie Young Kelley as a teaching tool.  Never meant to be a permanent part of the medical record.
TJC only requires that 'care is planned'!


Jessica K.

Pass the NCLEX! Knowledgeable, Enthusiastic RN, here to help!

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