Tutor Reading Comprehension for all grades, English Grammar, Vocabulary, Social Studies, World History, Writing

Elementary Education Tutor
K thru Grade 8
Educator License Certification also in Language Arts thru Grade 12
Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education

For the last two (2) years, my formal students earned "Star-status" as a result of high-achievement state (Mississippi) test scores!

I provide tutoring in Reading Comprehension, skills in which have proven to help raise student state test scores.

$65.00/hrly. fee via WyzAnt

Other academic areas I tutor include:
All Language Arts' subjects grades K-12
History (American and World)
Test Preparation

I also teach/tutor students having Down Syndrome (pre-school through second grade).


Cindy N.

K-12 English Language Arts & World and U.S. History Tutor

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