New ELA Common Core "Shifts" and 21st Century Skills

There are six new shifts in the ELA Common Core Curriculum:

1. Balancing Informational and Literary Text is first.
2. Building Knowledge in the Disciplines.
3. Staircase of Complexity, with an emphasis on teaching using scaffolding techniques.
4. Text Based Answers: teachers must be diligent in assuring that classroom experiences stay deeply connected to the text.
5. Writing From Sources is next, and writing needs to show the use of evidence to inform or make an argument.
6. Building Vocabulary: requires the student to constantly build up new academic vocabulary which they will need to succeed in the classroom.

21st Century Skills are also important concepts for success, and the four main skills, called The Four Cs, are:

1. Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
2. Communication
3. Collaboration
4. Creativity and Innovation


Diane G.

Caring and Professional English and ESL Teacher

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