The Mystery of Conversion!!

I have found a number of people that have needed help with units in chemistry. They have been so confused by the units that they can't focus on the actual chemistry behind the question. So my suggestion is to think about the units as just that, UNITS. Moles and grams and liters are just terms that define the numbers associated with them. For example, dollars and cents are just units as well. SO, if you say that something is 4 grams per mole (g/mol), besides how it is chemically related, it is the same concept as saying 4 quarters per dollar; they are just units!! So converting them into other units is just as simple. How many quarters are in 10 dollars? You think about it and say, well if 4 quarters are in 1 dollar then 10 (dollars) times 4 (quarters per dollar) gives you the number of quarters. People do these types of conversions everyday without thinking about it. Now apply this same logic to chemistry, if you are told that some compound has a mass of 50 grams per mole (g/mol) and you have 2 moles, how many grams do you have? Try not to get overwhelmed by units and just think about what you are being asked. Hope this helps!



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