French immersion in the US : the fastest way to become confident and fluent

As a French Native, born and raised in France, I truly love my culture, speaking, reading and writing French and sharing my knowledge of the French culture to students. This is indeed part of my personal branding, and something I nurture every day through reading classic and modern literature, translations, proofreading of French essays and helping individuals in France and the USA complete French assignments. I also do what I preach: I have only spoken to my kids in French, since their very first day in this world, and I am proud to say they are now fluent in French with very little accent. I am a strong believer of immersion at the very early age of learning a language, and this can be achieved at any age!

The city of Charlotte is fortunate to have a a French immersion program from Kindergarten to 8th grade at the Smith academy school of languages (soon to move in summer 2011 to another location). I have got several inquiries of parents of children attending this program who are looking at maintaining their French level during the hot summer days. This is an excellent initiative, as parents are definitely committed to the program, and this will give a tremendous edge for the students. Depending on the age group, I can recommend games, plays, do some scrapbooks about summer vacations, compete regular homework, or share and discuss some french books from my personal collection (Lucky Luke, Asterisk, Le petit Nicolas, Becassine among the most popular..)

My goal is to encourage the child to speak / think freely in French, without being paralyzed by either getting a bad grade or making mistakes. Confidence and routine practice are the key elements of learning the language and this can be achieved at any age!


Charlotte H.

Multilingual professional with excellent math skills

5+ hours
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