Social Studies--English--ESL--Religion--Public Speaking Tutor

World History, European History, American History, Government & Politics, Religion, English, ESL/ESOL, Vocabulary, and Public Speaking can be challenging courses--especially if they are presented in a tedious and boring manner that doesn't facilitate or encourage learning the subject. These courses can be very fun because each of these course interrelate to each other. The world ethnic groups each touch our lives on an individual basis. Having worked many years in various forms of the travel sector. Whether it was as a hotel/motel desk clerk, customer service agent with two well-known car rental agencies, or as a customer service agent with a national airline, I have discovered the importance of each of these courses in relating with people daily. Having traveled traveled much of the United States, to Cairo, Egypt, and having taught English as a second language in South Korea for one year, I understand the thrill of known some historical information about these areas and the language barriers endured while traveling to these places. I am also a licensed minister that served three years teaching Junior/High School Bible, during which I had to learn to overcome challenges of public speaking. I've learned that this subject, the one that many people nervously dread, can be invigorating to both the speaker and the audience. While substitute teaching in various school districts between Arkansas and Texas for six years, I had many opportunities to turn a boring classroom lecture session into a lively exciting learning environment. I am very close to completing my MA in Global History online through American Public University. I am an Eagle Scout and apply the skills acquired from scouting to my daily life. I am very energetic and outgoing and have an aggressive desire to excel and understand how personal challenges have helped me better relate to the student academic struggles. I believe I have the skills to help inspire and motivate a student to develop a desire to learn and to apply their skills to the learning environment. I understand the differences between reasons and excuses and am against methods that enable failure. I understand how peer pressures can overwhelm and give feelings of suppression because I had to learn to overcome these things on a personal level. I understand different students have different learning needs: Auditory, Visual, and Kinesthetic. I am very much aware that some students learn better in a quiet environment while others need music or TV. As your tutor, you, the student, will notice a positive change in your history/social studies/English skills. Contact me, let's have fun getting to know your chosen subject better!


J. Michael A.

History/Social Studies/English Tutor

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