Getting a guitar student lined up

Hi everyone! I'm excited to share that I have my first guitar student! He is 5, and apparently is very musically inclined. I'm looking forward to meeting him and his parents and seeing how his lessons go. We're going to start with 30 minute sessions and cover all sorts of musical stuff, like rhythms, beats, notes, chords...all that good stuff.

Hopefully we'll have ourselves the next guitar prodigy!


Hi Justin,
Congratulations as I am sure your engagement with your new student will be rewarding to you as teacher as well as educational for your new prodigy-to-be.  The rewards are not only monitary but also satisfying to know that you as tutor are sharing your skills and music/guitar knowledge with a young mind.  A student learning how to play and progressing on guitar is a wonderful and life-long experience; - in which YOU are the person providing the fundamentals to allow the student to learn, have fun and overcome any obstacles.
Remember BE PATIENT !...  your student is young and will easily lose focus and get bored if your lessons are too complex and/or he/she gets frustrated with not being able to play what you are playing.
Start SLOW,... i.e. don't expect a 5-yr-old to pick up playing all open position chords in a couple of months as this will take years of practice and playing.  Start him/her with simple 2 or 3-note familier phrases that resolve back to I note within the key.
REPEAT your materials and/or embellish already taught material into a follow-up lesson.  Don't get frustrated if the student forgot what you taught him/her in the past two lessons.  REPEAT with a smile on your face.
BUILD a relationship with your student.  Be his/her friend.  Allow them to ask questions.  Let them interupt at any point during the lesson.  Test them lightly, - don't corner them with what they may not yet be comfortable with.
-Albert B,  West Nyack NY


Justin W.

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