The vocabulary of Biology

You'll hear some people say that if you want to study medicine that you need to learn the Latin words that all those strange words come from. I have news for you...they aren't Latin!

They're GREEK!!

That's right, Greek. Just remember-doctors take the "Hippocratic Oath"- and that old geezer was a Greek doctor named Hippocrates. Ah, comes the light in the light bulb inside the brain!

Very good-now we are getting somewhere.

Now-yes, you have to learn a bunch of stuff that is purely dry "dumb" stuff. I'll list some to start for you-milli, nano, micro, deci, centi, kilo-hey, wait a minute! We've been using some of these all our lives! What are they doing HERE? Well, they are Greek prefixes that actually MEAN something. You'll need to get them all ordered in your head as to which ones come before and after, but they belong here as well as in math, chemistry, biochemistry, and other disciplines.

Come on, let's have some fun with this-care to join me?


Ellen W.

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