What I Love About Tutoring...

I truly loved teaching high school English, and it thrilled me to see my students have so much fun in my classes. We laughed a lot, which I think is important, because when students are enjoying themselves in the learning process, it makes it so much easier to learn. That is why I feel it is so important to build an easy rapport with students in the beginning, making the student feel at ease, and comfortable, putting the student in a position in which he or she feels comfortable asking questions, for example, and getting a complete understanding of the material at hand. I enjoy tutoring because it gives me the opportunity to teach in a one-on-one situation, focusing my attention on one willing student, and helping that student to achieve his or her goal. I enjoy building a student's confidence, and sharing the joy that comes with improvement. I tutor in my own home, though some students prefer to do some of their work on-line or by phone. This is fine; I have instructed this way with success. Yet I feel that the best and most successful way to achieve the best service is in-home instruction, where we can study face-to-face, and interact on a more personal level. I believe that a good tutor should have credentials, good grades, of course, a Master's degree (which generally takes a minimum of six years of intense study in the given subject), and experience in the field. But I do not feel that this is enough. There are many teachers with knowledge, credentials and experience who cannot convey that knowledge to students who might struggle with that subject matter. Simply put, they cannot teach. Therefore, I believe it is important to find a tutor who is patient, who truly enjoys teaching, enjoys the company of his or her students, and has the ability to build a rapport with them so that they can learn. This, I promise you, I can do.


you are such an inspiration for me miss robynne B. im also a french teacher i wanna get to meet and have a discussion about teaching matters


Robynne B.

Former English Teacher with Master's Degree and Honors

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