The Language of Math, Courtesy Google

Often, students get confused in math simply by the words being used. All too often, we as teachers/tutors ignore or just gloss over the language of math. I've found my students' comprehension of math accelerates exponentially when I teach them the language of math. Google is my #1 teacher's aide (and free!) to do this. Every time you come across or use a math term or phrase, if there is no definition in your teaching material, Google it up and create note/flash cards for your students helping them to memorize and master the language of math. A few words each session, and soon they'll be understanding their math teachers better than most or all other students... and mastering math!



Dan H.

Gifted Tutor - ACT/SAT/AFQT/ASVAB, All Math, K-12 Subjects, Basketball

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