Motivating Students During Summer Months

I motivate my students during summer months just by building them up for how fast they are learning, setting the bar high but attainable, making up FUN ways to study, offering them cool beyond cool (but free) rewards for achieving high standards, and then challenging them to master new material before they see me next. For example, I taught a student a fun way to keep memorizing flash cards whenever he gets tired of studying: he walks around the house with a deck of memory cards. When he gets a card wrong he puts it back on the bottom of his deck. If he gets it right (and very quickly) he just flings the card back over his shoulder to land ANYwhere, with the attitude, "yeah, I smashed that one... it's HISTORY!" My student LOVED this and his family got a kick out of watching him do it. I set the bar VERY high for him to master what we're studying, and offered him a tour of a fighter jet (he LOVES jets) if he masters it all this month. His mom gives me email feedback like: "what did you do with my son? This kid is an ALIEN! I've never seen him so fired up to study!"


We love that method of memorization. That same kid that started almost a year ago was getting D's in math. Now he has the confidence to take an honors math class. Besides that, he has gotten an A in math each quarter. He loves his sessions so much that he never wants to miss. So thankful that you were able to rearrange your schedule to help him review a concept to prepare for a test.
I am a fellow tutor in SLC. I came across your very impressive profile. It was very inspiring reading your teaching methods and things. I have learned a lot from your brief writings. Thanks a lot!
I have a question for you, how do you get so many students to write written feedback for you? My clients don't always do that for me. Is there a script or something that you use for this purpose? 
Also, you are so organized. I wonder if you a system for that. Care to share with me?
Thank you again! I appreciate how much work you put into the students to improve their learning.
Hi, Heng.  I am guilty of reading up on other tutors and learning, too... especially tutors local to me like you!  Simple answer to your simple question: I simply ask students (mainly their parents) for written feedback, explaining its value to my business.  They are happy to help.
My system for being organized?  I don't suppose you'd do a career in the military just to get there.  That's what I did  ;) 
Have fun helping others and best of everything to you!


Dan H.

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