How to Motivate yourself to study :The Equal Approach

How many times have you heard yourself say (or felt like saying) I know I should study, but, there are SO MANY other things I would rather be doing ... Look at it this way, If you get homework out of the way early when you get home from class, you will have more time to enjoy other activities you enjoy the rest of the day. Trust me, when you put off homework till the last minute, it will backfire. (I know this personally.)

One way to stay on track is to use a day-planner. When you write down what is due at the first of every week (and look at it throughout the week) you have a constant reminder of what is due. That is step one. Step two: Break It DOWN. For example, if your going to write an English paper take a week, two weeks before your paper is due, the first day pick a topic. Can you find enough information to meet your source and length requirements? Does the topic interest you? What is your goal? Are you trying to convince someone of something, inform the, debate a point etc. Your goal will determine what types of resources you will need. Keep these questions in mind as you decide what sources to use and return to the shelf or move your mouse past. These are the roots of research. Happy reading my information detection agents.



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