Success of an IVY League Student

I am a repeat test taker. I took my exam prior to the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. When I got my Candidate Performance Report and read that I failed the NCLEX, I felt devastated. I am an accelerated student who went straight into a Nursing PhD from my BSN program, and I failed the NCELX. I cried my eyes out. It took me 2 months to even think about the NCLEX again because I was so upset with myself for 1) not studying more and 2) for scheduling my exam too soon after BSN graduation. My advisor reached out to find me a tutor, someone to guide me as I prepared for the NCLEX again. I reached out to all the contacts she gave me but no one was as warm and welcoming as Akeeka. Upon receiving her initial email, I knew she was the best fit for me. Even during our first meeting, all I could think was how much better I felt just by talking to her. Akeeka’s words inspired and motivated me to push through the last 3 weeks before my exam. And that’s what I did. Her curriculum is definitely intense! I went through over 200 questions/day in addition to two practice NCLEX exams. Even after so much content prep, Akeeka provided me tons of tips and tools to use. As one week to test day slowly came, I felt my nerves creeping in. My heart would pound rapidly as I thought about ‘the big day’. It was affecting my concentration and belief in myself. I shared my concerns with Akeeka and it was through her that I learned that it wasn’t anxiety but fear holding me back – the fear that I would fail again. She shared with me this beautiful message that will always stay with me “Today I detach myself from the fear that is holding me back from moving forward. I am no longer attached to this narrative of fear and I am writing a new story where fear has no place. Even if I do not know how I am going to get it done, I will figure it out by taking my steps in faith. My fear shrinks everyday which allows my strength to grow. I breathe in confidence and exhale fear.” Since that day, I learned to channel my mindset. I would repeat, “Inhale confidence, exhale fear” constantly throughout the day. I even dedicated 1 hour daily to positive self-talk (which at first sounded a bit silly) but is honestly and truly what got me through the exam. I would look in the mirror and tell myself that: “I have the knowledge, tools, and critical thinking to pass this exam. I trust and have faith in myself, this process, Akeeka, and God.” Telling myself this directly made me believe and I felt more confident in myself. I continued to tell myself that the world needs more nurses and that I am one of them. By test day I was ready. I had some nerves while in the test center but kept my cool. Once I sat down, I wrote down my game plan. As I answered questions, I felt methodological in my approach. I was slow but determined to answer those questions as a safe nurse. I was completely and utterly shocked when my exam shut off by 75 questions. Post-exam jitters made me hesitant to look at my results. But then I saw it and I couldn’t believe it. I passed. Akeeka and I facetimed and I screenshotted my results. I cried again. This time, they were tears of joy. Today, I stand proud of this milestone and of my RN license. Akeeka is a joy! To say that I recommend her would be an understatement. She goes over and beyond what a ‘typical’ tutor would do. She personalizes a plan for you and guides you all the way. She has so many tips that would never be covered in an NCLEX review book or class. She’ll check in on you and inspire you with so many quotes, images, and videos. She even has former students speak to you and motivate you before test day. To my biggest cheerleader, thank you Akeeka for being a part of my journey! I could not have done it without


Akeeka D.

PhD Student- Master's, RN-Akeeka D. NCLEX-RN, NCLEX-PN, FNP, Research

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