Recommended Rate: $10/hour, really?

Are you looking for a tutor? Someone who can actually help you or your child? What are you willing to pay for expert help? Oh, these aren't really experts here, so $10/hour should be fine. Beware: you will get what you pay for.
There are indeed many experts on Wyzant in many fields. There are also housewives, students, and retirees who believe this is a nice, easy way to earn money on the side. So who do you want to hire?
For $10/hour I can barely get my yard tilled by the Mexican on the next street. I can't get even a neighbor to check the broken pipe under my sink. I can't have someone look at my car, or the electrical job I need in the garage. I can't get a dog groomer, or a cheap haircut. And you believe you will get qualified, expert tutoring help for $10/hour? Think again.
You will get what you pay for. In my field of ESL, you may find someone willing to have a "conversation" with you, or try to fix your term paper. You won't get an expert. For example, I charge (only) $30/hour, and there are many professors who would laugh at me for under-valuing my 50 years of expertise. In Silicon Valley or Wall Street, consultants start at $125-250/hour or more. And you want to pay me $10/hour?
Please consider whom you plan to hire and what qualifications you want them to have. Then think about the local plumber, landscape guy, hair dresser, or caterer. What would they charge you?
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