FAQ- Multiple Students at the Same Time

My tutoring is geared to delivering the best quality work. I've done plenty of tutoring for multiple students--2, 3, 4 at a time. After that it blends into the characteristics of teaching. Generally speaking, you can either go fully customized 1:1 or alternate focus with the extra students. If you alternate, it's similar to having separate sessions. If there are just two students the same age and largely compatible, you get about 80% of the benefits of tutoring. Rarely I have two students who can't function without each other and then they get more benefits than they would with 1:1.

When my customer fully understands that they might get more benefits but most likely less, then I don't mind tutoring two for the exact same price as one. (But no discount from my standard price for one). Undoubtedly parents have a reason for wanting simultaneous tutoring and I don't question that. I still do everything to customize the experience as much as possible and since this is more difficult for multiples I charge some premium for three and so on. 
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