Cancellation / No-show Policies

Please give notice at least six hours before the scheduled start time of the lesson if you are unable to make it for any reason.

Student cancellation policy:
  • 6+ hours in advance: No penalty
  • 3-6 hours in advance: 75% of lesson fee
  • 3 hours or less in advance: 100% of lesson fee
Student no-show policy:
  • 30 minutes after scheduled end-time: 100% of lesson fee and the lesson will be cancelled
Student late-show policy:
  • Joining within 15 minutes of scheduled start time: No penalty
  • Joining between 15 and 30 minutes of scheduled start time: The student will be charged for the entirety of the scheduled meeting time, but no additional fees will be added

Extra time outside of scheduled meeting time:
  • Assuming my schedule allows the lesson to continue beyond the scheduled time of the meeting, no extra fees will be applied other than the stated hourly rate


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