Adjunct Professor of Finance and Accounting ; a Math and Operations Tutor

Dear students,
I trust that you are all safe under this circumstances. Tutorship is an art and a science, especially now. I would add it could be used not only as a study aid but also as an emotional tool for stress reduction. What I talking about is when we have the good match of tutor-student then the student should relax. Usually this happens during the first few sessions.
My advantage is that I am both a tutor and an instructor who taught on line and in-person in a traditional classroom setting as well as virtually and hybrid across multi-campus, multi-city classrooms.
Since my specialty comprises of quantitative courses coupled with research level papers editing and proofreading, I can comfortably say, that most students hindrances stem from two things:

1. A mismatch between the classroom professor’s style and lack of time to customize her or his style to suit individual students.

2. Stress caused by not explaining how to study or solve problems as in Math or Finance or Accounting course. We must provide the student with successful study aids and problem-solving tools. Therefore, this is where the tutors job and place comes in.

Finally, research and writing is a stand-alone challenge by itself as it is as the name indicates requires advanced analysis and time-consuming writing and rewriting and combining both qualitative and quantitative skills to achieve the research and its presentation goals.
I wish you the same fun that I have and I enjoy in this knowledge profession.
I look forward to it,


Michael H.

Adjunct Professor of Finance, Accounting; Tutor of Math, Statistics.

20+ hours
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