unfair rates

There are tutors out there charging less than $15 per hr for tutoring in Engineering, Really..I am getting prospects that are trying to negotiate with me an hourly rate at or below that. This is unfair competition, and if you are desperate enough to get students that way, then you should not tutor as you are driving the value of the profession way down..Then I get notification from Wyzant that I should be $10 at or below that rate,,,What a disgrace!!! 


Roger, you make some good points. I am not sure I want those kind of students anyway.
I absolutely agree with you Roger! Honestly, your rate is super fair given the subject matter you teach. You raise a good point and that is something Wyzant should look into. For example, they should create a rate table based upon a tutor's experience, subject being taught and their educational background. Also, I agree with Nathan. Much luck to you sir. 
I completely agree with you, Roger. I have had parents ask for 15 dollars an hour! I have a master's degree and 25 years teaching experience. This isn't a babysitting service.  Wyzant should set a minimum tutoring rate on all jobs considering that they take 25% of our fee. 


Roger N.

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