Cancellation and No Show Policies

1. If you are unable to attend a session (in person or online) that was scheduled, please give written notice through Wyzant 12 hours or more before start time of scheduled lesson. If done so, no charges will be applied to your account.

2. No Show: If you are more than 15 minutes late to a session (in person or online) and did not communicate to me that you are going to be late before the session began or during that 15 minutes of tardiness, I will charge the full cost of the session and it is your responsibility to schedule another session and any other session will be charged as per my rate regardless of this missed session.

3. If you are late to any session but it is not considered a no show as per my policy, we can continue the session, you will be charged the full amount, but the time will be deducted from your session (Ie. if the session is for 5PM and you arrive at 5:10PM, the session will still end at 6PM).

4. Please note also, if we have a session scheduled and time goes over by 15 minutes or more, I reserve the right to log the session as the actual time of the session (Ie. if the session is scheduled for 1 hour, but we are tutoring for 1 hour and 30 minutes, it will be logged as a 1 hour and 30 minute session) and this can incur an extra charge (in this case half hour was used extra, so half of my rate will be charged in addition to the 1 hour rate ).


Nina A.

Patient and Knowledgeable Tutor

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